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About Me

I'm Sarah, a dynamic full-stack software developer with a passion for open source development and crafting exceptional digital experiences. With a talent for translating complex topics into easily digestible content, I am passionate about effectively communicating intricate concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Constantly seeking knowledge in this fast-paced industry, I explore new technologies, frameworks, and languages to push boundaries and create innovative solutions. I also place great importance on well-written documentation that empowers developers and facilitates collaboration within open-source communities.

In addition to my technical expertise, I enjoy sharing knowledge through blog posts and social media. I invite you to explore my portfolio and reach out for potential collaborations. Let's work together on impactful projects and surround ourselves with talented individuals.

My Journey to Software Development

💾 Early Fascination with Technology

In the late 90's and early 2000's, my family's introduction to computers sparked my passion for technology. I immersed myself in games, exploring their vast potential and becoming fascinated with the possibilities offered by technology.

As the internet flourished, I discovered platforms like Neopets and Tumblr, where I learned HTML and CSS. Creating websites and sharing my creations with others brought me joy, fueling my desire to explore the boundless possibilities of technology.

During high school, I achieved a diploma in Computer Aided Design, a significant accomplishment for me. However, when graduating, I faced a crossroads between technology and healthcare.

Under pressure, I pursued a healthcare career while continuing to pursue technology in my free time. This pivot allowed me to pursuie the problem-solving aspect of what I enjoyed, as well as introduced me to a diverse range of people and their capabilities.

After transitioning, however, I couldn't ignore my love for technology. During the pandemic, where I had to pause working for close to 3 months, I took career tests this exploration led me back to the IT field, specifically into software development.

🖱️ Embracing Software Development

In 2021, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a coding bootcamp, embarking on a new path in software development. Despite the challenges, I found it incredibly exciting.

Once I delved deeper into the world of software development, I encountered the concept of open source development, which sparked a desire within me to contribute to the tech community. I was driven to continue my learning and growth as a developer.

During this journey, I discovered my knack for simplifying complex concepts and making them more accessible. This led me to develop my own content through blog posts and writing comprehensive documentation for my own websites. By doing so, I gained a deeper understanding of what developers would need to know and how to effectively communicate technical information.

This experience not only solidified my passion for software development but also reinforced my commitment to sharing knowledge and supporting fellow developers in their learning journeys.

✨ Evolving Skills and Seeking Exciting Opportunities

Today, I am dedicated to honing my skills as a software developer and actively contributing to projects that align with my passions. I strive to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends, continuously expanding my knowledge and expertise.

I actively seek opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to open-source projects that make a meaningful impact. Through my contributions, I aim to not only sharpen my skills but also give back to the developer community that has supported my growth.

As I continue on this path, my ultimate goal is to find a full-time position that empowers me to continue growing as a developer. I aspire to work in an environment that fosters innovation, values creativity, and allows me to make a positive difference through my technical expertise.

With determination and enthusiasm, I am excited to embrace the future, expand my horizons, and pursue a fulfilling career in software development.